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Call Warranty & More Info

Mad Baron Warranty

Each call has a craftsmanship warranty for as long as you own it.  It's very rare that a problem occurs due to craftsmanship but if it happens I will work with you to repair the call.  Please understand that accidental damage, abuse, heat

and water damage are not covered.

If you are not satisfied with a call you can return it within 7 days of receiving it for

a refund or exchange.  If your call needs to be tuned up you can mail it back to me for a tune up anytime.  If you have a question please contact me.



Each call is packaged well and I try to keep shipping to a minimum cost.  I prefer to ship USPS with tracking or UPS.  I include a business card and conditioning pads with each call.  The cost of shipping is included in the cost of the call unless noted.  Calls normally ship in 1 or 2 days after payment.

Taking Car of Your Call

Calls are made from wood and other materials so proper care and storage is important.  Here are some general care instructions.

- Try to keep calls dry.  Do not store in damp cases or wet vests.

- Don't touch playing surface or tip of striker.  Keep surface free from oils.

- Don't store calls in extreme heat or cold.  Keep out of intense sunlight.

- Do not use coarse grit sand paper on slate calls.  220 of 320 is fine for slate.

- Use a conditioning pad on slate (green or brick red SOS pad) and a conditioning stone or 150 grit sandpaper on glass calls as needed.

- If needed clean with warm water and then dry off completely.

- If needed you can sand the striker tip with 180-220 sandpaper.


​- PayPal or Venmo
- Cash, Money Orders and Checks accepted

Privacy Policy


If I have your email address or phone number I promise to never sell or give away your information and to always keep it safe and private.  I will not send you spam messages or unwated texts.

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