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FAQ's about Turkey Calls

  • How do I order a turkey call, striker or crow call?"
    I do take some custom orders but try not to have a real long build list. Please call or email me so I know what you're looking for. You can also send a message from the Custom Orders page. There is a lot of options and I can provide some recommendations. Lead times varies but I will get you your call as soon as possible or I may have some calls done and ready to go now.
  • What are my playing surface and soundboard options for a call?
    I keep the shop stocked up so normally I have grey slate, green slate, red slate, glass, blasted glass, crystal, ceramic, anodized aluminum, copper and other playing surfaces on hand. For soundboards it's normally glass, slate or wood but aluminum and carbon fiber are available.
  • What are my wood choices for a call?
    Great question but a long answer since I have a lot of woods in the shop and you never know what I may bring home from the lumber yard! My favorite domestic woods include cherry, walnut, hard maple, osage and ash. I use a lot of exotic woods such as padauk, zebrawood, canarywood, cocobolo, other rosewoods, mahogany and several others. I also have a large selection of dyed and stabilized burl wood blanks or hybrid blanks in the shop for more decorative calls.
  • What are my options for a custom striker?
    I turn one piece strikers for various woods such as purpleheart, snakewood, rosewood, hickory and others. My favorite are turned from a very dense laminate that is similiar to dymondwood. I have tried several and believe this material is the best sounding and is very consistant. I call these strkers "Orion" strikers and I normally have 4 or more colors available. You will love this striker!
  • Are your calls guaranteed?
    Yes, calls are guaranteed for quality and workmanship for the original owner. Damage, abuse and neglect can not be guaranteed. If you have a issue or question it's best to call or email me to discuss the issue. Thanks! P.S. I'm glad to say any issues are extremely rare.
  • How can I learn to use a pot call?
    Practice and more practice! A pot call can be easy to use but to run one good takes practice and skill. Spend time in the off season with someone who is good at running calls, go to call shows or search You Tube and watch a lot of videos on using a pot call and turkey hunting. Do not overcall and do not always call real loud.
  • Do you have a booth at any of the call making shows?
    Call making is a hobby more than a buisness and I have a family and full time job. I personally attend some shows but normally do not have a booth. I do set up at Callapollooza in Ohio each year (Bob Fulcher's event) if you're in the area. I normally attend the NWTF Convention in Nashville, Unicoi Call Maker's Show in Georgia and the Indiana Deer & Turkey Expo and may have some calls with me if you want to meet up and say hello.
  • Can you recommend a good turkey Outfitter?
    Traveling our beautiful Country and chasing wild turkeys is hard to beat. I can recommend some great Outfitters that I know well in Indiana, Kentucky, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Ohio. Just call or email me for specific information. Go for your Grand Slam!
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