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 The Legend of the MAD BARON

     There's an old tale about a Southern town obsessed with a legendary turkey that ruled the nearby woods and creek bottoms.  He was no ordinary turkey, but rather a old, long-spur, Tom that could not be fooled by ordinary calls or average hunters.  For years every man and boy tried to outwit this old Gobbler but were humbled and defeated each Spring.  It's said that marriages ended, jobs were lost and courtships put on hold all to chase this elusive and legendary Monarch.

     Finally, a young man went to great lengths to bring an end to the "turkey fever" that consumed his beloved hometown.  He tracked the turkey for days, slept outside during a thunderstorm and crawled up and down steep ridges all to get in close to this wise, old, Gobbler.

     Shortly after first light broke the horizon, thunderous gobbles echoed across the valley.   Moments later, a bang rang out and the leaves rustled furiously before all fell silent.  The Mad Baron's long reign had come to an end.  The small town was saved that morning but the Legend will live on forever.

     Not all Gobblers are created equal and if you hunt long enough you'll encounter the Mad Baron in your neck of the woods.  My goal is to build quality calls for the relentless pursuit of the wild turkey and to help you take down that Mad Baron.  

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